Service for Safety

Safety is a major concern for all forklift owners. They want to ensure that the equipment they purchase is safe for their operators while achieving long-term performance to support their business. To ensure machines perform to their optimum and retain their safety features, regular service and maintenance is critically important.

These considerations start at the time of purchase and continue through the lifetime of the equipment. When purchasing, investigate the operating and maintenance costs of the equipment you are purchasing.

Consider Operating Costs

Operating costs are a major impact on cash flow. Weigh up the different expenses associated with electric v diesel v LPG power especially and factor that into your purchase decisions.

You’re investing in equipment that you expect to last for many years. The operating costs will be a major consideration.

Maintenance and servicing is also a major factor. If you’re purchasing a new forklift, enquire about the warranty and any extended warranties which may be available. Check with the consumer affairs department in your state so you are aware of the standard warranty coverage under the law before you invest further in extended warranties.

Know what you are getting in both the manufacturer’s warranty and any dealer warranty offered.

If purchasing a used machine, your options are more limited. If it’s well-priced and you’re prepared to cover costs, grab that bargain. If you are at all suspect of the quality and condition of a machine, ask the seller for a condition report from an authorised forklift maintenance expert. Or better still, organise an inspection pre-sale.

Finance Your Service

A possible solution to covering the costs of service and maintenance that you may like to consider is including some of the costs in your finance package. Your broker can discuss this option with you and scope the possibilities. If you do opt to purchase an extended warranty on a new forklift, this expense may be included in your overall forklift loan.

Consider if any other maintenance and service costs may also be able to be included in your finance package and discuss these with your broker.