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Mini workhorses, unsung heroes, the quiet achievers that continue to punch well above their weight – literally!

Forklifts and materials handling trucks and equipment are critical to warehousing and distribution centres, construction sites and for general duties across many workplaces in a multitude of industries.

Significant advances in innovative technology especially in regard to energy efficiency and other developments is enabling businesses to invest in new forklifts and lift trucks while containing operating costs and realising an improved ROI.

But in order to take advantage of these new generation, lower running cost trucks and forklifts, businesses need access to cost effective finance.

We’re providing information on a selection of lift trucks and forklifts and details on the type of finance options available for the purchase of forklifts, trucks and equipment.

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Forklifts and Materials Handling Trucks

With at least 8 common types of forklifts available and numerous top manufacturers in the market, buyers have a range of factors to consider when making purchase decisions.

Truck Finance Options

Whether you’re after finance for a lift truck, a general delivery truck or a heavy duty prime mover, the same commercial finance products are available to finance your asset purchase. Key to getting a great finance deal is understanding the features and benefits of each product and where to source the best offers

Forklift Equipment Finance

With new forklifts ranging up to the $45,000 mark and second-hand equipment averaging around $5,000, operators need a cost-effective finance package to ensure they realise their ROI projections.

Service for Safety

Safety is a major concern for all forklift owners. To ensure machines perform to their optimum and retain their safety features, regular service and maintenance is critically important.

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